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Infection occurs when the amniotic sac ruptures, when the integrity of tadalafil pills is broken during childbirth. Therefore, for all types of viral hepatitis, a caesarean section is recommended. With moderate or passive activity of the virus, the woman is constantly under the supervision of a doctor. When the disease is in the active phase, treatment is carried out, with a successful outcome, the woman gives birth to a child. If treatment is ineffective, the possibility of losing the baby is not ruled out. During periods of exacerbation, pregnancy cannot be terminated, so every opportunity is used toto keep the fetus.

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There is no data on the infection of a child during breastfeeding, so doctors allow him to feed, if there are cracks in the nipples, it is better to refuse breastfeeding.

The impact on the body of parental types of cialis leads to disastrous consequences:

Viral infection hepatitis is insidious, no one is immune from its introduction into the body.

It can destroy a person's health in a short time, so knowledge about this disease will help to warn a person from the disease, take measures so that he does not suffer from his carelessness all his life.

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There are two variants of the development of the disease: typical and atypical. The typical form is icteric, atypical is anicteric, latent and erased. The course of the disease can be mild, moderate, severe and malignant. Depending on the duration of the disease, acute, protracted and chronic forms are distinguished.


If we talk about the preicteric period, then it can take place in a catarrhal, flu-like, gastritis or rheumatoid type. In the case of an influenza-like illness, it all starts with an elevated body temperature and the manifestation of catarrhal symptoms like a stuffy nose, cough, weakness and complete loss of appetite. Most often, doctors, detecting such symptoms in children, make an erroneous diagnosis of influenza or SARS.

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